Which Battery Power Banks Work With Your Laptop?

You might think that the recent spike in availability of portable power banks means that you can get one to extend the battery life of your laptop. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. When I went on a recent week long trip to Florida I brought along my 20,000mah battery pack with 2 USB outputs. I figured this would be just fine to charge my laptop but I was sadly mistaken. After plugging my laptop to the charger via USB I did not get any response and could not figure out why. When I looked up the reasoning it basically comes down to power output. The 5volt and 2amp output was way too weak to power my laptop which requires 20volts and at least 3amps from the output charging port.

After looking online I learned that there are only a few portable battery banks that can supply that much juice and most of them come with a standard AC plug in that we are all used to (similar to a wall plug).  This makes the power bank a little thick but will get the job done until a better solution arrives.  For those laptops that aren’t quite as power hungry as mine there are a lot more power banks that have a built in DC (small round) output that will supply enough power and they also come with a good selection of adapters so that it works with your particular laptop (see image). Make sure to double check before buying that it has the right adapter.

See below for our recommended and tested options for both a AC plug in style battery bank as well as more common DC style.

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