Don’t Run Out of Power For Your Nintendo Switch

If you were able to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch at launch consider yourself lucky. It has been one of the hottest items of 2017 and one of the fastest selling consoles yet. The launch game lineup was not the greatest but it did launch with one gem of a game called Zelda: Breath of The Wild. This is a must play for any fan of the series and frankly anyone who calls themselves a gamer.  Like most portable electronic devices today the Nintendo Switch does not have the greatest battery life and you can expect your portable gaming sessions (when the device is in portable mode not docked) to be about 3 hours long. Many gamers have been frustrated with this and started seeking out the best options to remedy this.

We’ve gone through and found a couple of the best recommendations for extending the battery life for the Nintendo Switch so you can game on for many hours on end!

  1. Anker 20100mah portable battery pack
  2. adfadfadf
  3. Our third recommendation is not on the market yet but looks to be a very promising option for those that want a custom battery bank that also packs some other features.  it’s called the SwitchCharge and is a fully funded Indiegogo campaign you can view here.  Also see the video below for the full run down.

Author: portablepower

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